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How to Give Feedback


Why give feedback? Feedback is one of the greatest ways to help others succeed in their work and professional lives. It is a chance for us to identify weaknesses that we may not be aware of, reinforce things we do well that we may not notice or realize the impact on others, and can help us prioritize which weaknesses we should focus on addressing. Additionally and somewhat paradoxically, giving...

Experienced analytics professional with more than ten year’s experience, possessing a background in finance. Focused for the last eight years on data science and business intelligence, I have successfully led green field deployment projects in
gaming, retail, and travel. Technologies used include a mixture of commercial (Tableau, HP Vertica, Oracle) and open source (Apache Spark/Hadoop, Postgres, Pentaho). Have successfully implemented advanced analytics architectures in hosted, cloud, as well as hybrid models. Experienced in developing machine learning and statistical models using both Python and R.

More importantly, I have been leading teams and strategy regarding data science, analytics, personalization, Business Intelligence,
and CRM since 2008. In this scope I have been responsible for defining organizational strategies regarding data and analytics, as well as facilitating the rollout of data science projects throughout the organization. As a manager I have successfully developed a number of juniors into leadership roles both within my own organization and outside.

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